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D_Pain (IGN: Psychopathic, Smoldic)
  • Hi, I've been updating the FOV mod to work for Archeage since 5.5. I posted the FOV mod and Korean Font mod both for 7.0 and uploaded them to r/archeage so that everyone can use this useful (allowed) mod, but the Nazi mods there still have been deleting regading posts claiming those mods were hacks.
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  • Please share this page so that others can also use these mods as well.
7.0 FOV Mod.
Lets you change the Field of View and Camera Distance from the Archeage Settings. Updated by Kotori.
7.0 Korean Font Mod.
Changes the ugly English font into a sleek looking one from KR Archeage.
Mod files have backups in case installation goes wrong.
  1. Close Glyph client before proceeding.
  2. Unzip the zip file so that you have the 7.0_mod folder in the same directory as your game_pak file.
  3. Go to the unzipped folder and run the 'patch.bat' file.
  4. Wait until the command prompt screen says to click any key to continue, and you should be good.
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Sneak peek at Gamigo employees looking at Legacy channel in their Discord server.